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I'll put something useful here in the same speed as Nintendo releases first party games. Soon™
10-03-18 • 02:22
Destruction is creation.
10-06-18 • 05:31
Everything is changing into something else, everything is on track.
Nothing lasts but nothing is lost!
10-07-18 • 07:01
Endless change. There will soon come a time where product will likely be beyond the comprehension of most.
10-14-18 • 08:08
Or... so I've heard. I don't think I'm smart enough for such things at this time.
10-14-18 • 08:09
I feel like moments of clarity come and go, and in the course of trying to turn them into words the meaning is lost, but that's the trouble with concepts of thoughts, they cannot be quantified by the language of man.
10-14-18 • 03:34
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